In the photo gallery selected photographs of Gypsies are shown, which are being preserved in the Ethnographic Archive at the Ethnographic Institute with Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Arch. EIM) and in the Archive of Minority Studies Society “Studii Romani” (Arch. SR).

In the collections of the Ethnographic Archive at the Ethnographic Institute with Museum there are preserved numerous photographs from the end of the 19th century up till nowadays. Especially rich is the collection of photographs, made by Vassil Marinov during his research field tip (together with Emilia Horvathova from Slovakia) during the 50es of the 20th century.

In the archive of the Society “Studii Romani” are preserved numerous pictures, made by Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov during the last two decades, during their field expeditions in Bulgaria and other countries in the world, as well as photographs presented to them by friends and colleagues. Also part of this archive are the collections of post cards and old family albums from Bulgaria, as well as pictures from the community and politic activity of the Gypsy activist Shakir Pashov.

The presented pictures are divided into separate rubrics, according to chronological and geographical principles, and in brackets is noted the name of the corresponding Gypsy group.

Bulgaria (50es of the 20th c.)

Bulgaria (90es of the 20th c.)

Gypsies around the world

Researchers and Informants